[ 10:24 - 01 Apr 2014 ]:

To my not so readers of which there are none

I am still alive but as you can see there are some changes.

I am no longer using posterous. I can't remember the details of their getting out of the blogging game but I wasn't happy with them for a while, so unhappy in fact that whenever it occurred to me to write a post I was deterred by the complicated formatting issues and significantly slower than a hamster on a wheel buffering while I am in the midst of writing. When I hit my stride writing and the screen completely freezes for an indefinite period of time I lose enthusiasm quickly.

I have moved to San Francisco. Charlie is of course here too.

Jeff is hosting my blog. I don't understand the intricacies of that. I like to think I hand him my writing and he waves his arms around and says "ALA KAZAM" and uses his magic mind to put my words on the web. Coming soon: a picture gallery of pictures from my walks and of Charlie the corg.

I am doing well. Moving and life changes are even bigger adjustments for me than the average person. Jeff has been kind enough to invite me to live with him and let me into his life. (He has extended this invitation for many years. The kindness comes in that he patiently kept the invitation open despite my neuroses.)

Lee and Jeff are together.