The coincidence of the blue shirt...

So I was going through my myspace page and I noticed that in nearly all of my pictures I am wearing my navy blue polo with the strawberry on the left breast and the bleach spot on the left forearm. I started wondering if it is something that is weirding people out, so let me formally address this.

YES it is the same shirt and NO I do not wear this shirt every day.

I once wrote a short story about a girl who was going out with this guy who was always wearing the same thermal undershirt that was faded to offwhite with discernible stains on the cuffs and such. Great guy and all, but he wore the same shirt every single day. Finally, it got to the point where they were having sex and he still wore the shirt. The next day, she awoke to hear the shower. She peaked in his closet to find no other thermal offwhite shirts then started to sneak into the bathroom to catch him showering (hopefully not wearing the shirt). By the time she made it in, he was wearing the shirt and drying his legs and feet.

Let me assure you. I wear a plethora of other shirts in many different colors (yellow, orange and chartreuse are not among them). Granted there is not much variety there because I am unbelievably pale and only darkish stuff works on me. I wear it as much as I wear the other shirts for the most part.

The reason all the pictures seem to catch me wearing it is simply because it is a good default travelling shirt. Think about it... You are going on a trip to some exotic locale. You want to pack clothes that are stylish because you want to take pictures and look damn good in them. BUT you also want something comfortable: pants that accentuate your figure but are comfortable enough to walk seven miles in them, a shirt that isn't too uncomfortable to walk those seven miles in or may get dirty from hiking on that dusty trail or cling too tightly after that heavy lunch at that delicious Brooklyn bagel shop.

It's dark, which is automatically slenderizing. It hugs my few curves but is not tight. It breaths well so I can walk all over creation and not be drenched in sweat. It would be cute as hell if it was not for that nasty bleach stain, which magically is not noticeable in pictures. It gives me the power to read people's thoughts so I can manipulate them into being my slaves...

SO until then... I will continue taking my shirt with me on excursions and wearing it every other week and, due to my level of comfort and all, take really good pictures in it. I will continue to post them because I am not photogenic at all. If I take a good picture, far be it from me to leave it on the cutting room floor just because that shirt is too prevalent in my pictures. Hell, maybe I should make an entire book chronicling the adventures of me and my trusty blue polo.

I love ya, shirt. I can't wait to take you on my next hike.

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