Last Night's Dream

So last night I had the strangest dream. I don't know what it means, so I am recording it for later analysis.
I will tell one fact before I start recollecting the dream. My friend, Chance, was in it. Chance is, well, homophobic. That is important to know.

I was at this beach. It wasn't one of those sandy beaches that go on endlessly. It was a beach with hard, rocky cliffs. There was one stretch of beach that was flat and sandy but the people thought it impossible to get to. The water was often turbulent, flooding said beach and crashing against the high cliffs. On good days, the beach was accessible.

So people were building a bridge from the cliff to a giant rock where they planned to build steps leading to the stretch of beach. I watched the construction of the bridge a bit before I voiced my opinion. "Why are you building that bridge? When the tide is high, the water will obliterate it."

"Because we need a way to get to the beach." the foreman replied.

I pointed to the beach, "There is a way to get to the beach already. There is a path not too far from here."

The foreman shook his head, "The path you're talking about is too difficult. Only experienced hikers can walk it. We need a way to get to the beach that everyone can use."

This peaked my curiosity because I had taken the path numerous times before and it was not difficult. I decided to try it, bringing along my friend Chance who is far from athletic.

We started on the path and came across some people talking. One of the people was a young Antonio Banderas (not the celebrity himself but a guy who looked just like him). He started walking with us and told us that there was an ever faster way to get to the beach and that he would show us. Chance and he were talking a lot. I could feel the sexual chemistry going on between them. It was that strong.

We came upon a small cottage. He said that it belonged to him and the shortcut was through the house. I reluctantly entered the house along with him. He pointed to a window next to his bed and said if I went through the window I would find a better path that was a minute away from the beach. I proceeded with trepidation. It wasn't just that I did not like climbing out of his window. I knew it was not a practical path for people to take to the beach. He could not let everyone who wanted to go to the beach walk through his house. Sure enough, there was a path outside the window. He, Chance and I followed it to the beach.

I returned to the foreman and said that I had taken the path to the beach and that it was not too difficult.

The foreman nodded at a large group of school children behind him. "I tell you what, if you can make it to the beach in fifteen minutes or less I will improve the path so that will be the way to the beach. These kids need to go to the beach so hurry."

I took off, jogging towards the path. Chance and Antonio Banderas lookalike followed me. I told him that I would have to take his shortcut to get to the beach on time. We got to his cottage and I made a beeline to the window.

"Ow!" cried a voice from the floor.

I looked down at a person sleeping on the floor that I had stepped on. I am not sure whether it was a man or woman but it had a very thick beard but was dressed like and sounded like a woman. Shocked, I took a step back.

Chance said she could not make it to the beach but I knew she was lying. She wanted to spend time with Antonio.

The bearded he/she looked at Chance longingly and sat next to her.

I took off through the window and made it to the beach in time. I waved to the foreman from down there and he acknowledged that he saw me.

I walked back, climbing through Antonio's window. Chance, Antonio and the he/she were having a threesome. I stared in astonishment. Chance looked horrified. I approached them and then Chance shook her head, looking like she wanted me to leave her alone. I left the cottage and returned to where the people were.

The foreman suggested I show the children the path to the beach. I was worried because the path was laden with sharp rocks but I led them anyway.

Next thing, me and the children are in a huge, lush, open field. They ran around playing while I just stood there.

"You abandoned me!" screamed Chance as she angrily walked toward me.

I told her that I thought she wanted the threesome because of the look she gave me. She screamed that I had ignored her getting raped and then pushed me. The force of the push sent me to the ground. As soon as I was back on my feet, she pushed me again. Next, she began slapping me around. She was so strong that I was being flung around like a rag doll.

And then I woke up. What does it all mean? I don't know yet. I will have to think about it more.

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