Well, well, well...

Apparently, cats can not only read but access a computer.  Ever since my rant, all the cats who have plagued me have ceased coming around.  Maybe it is a calm before the storm and they're staging a coup to take over my yard. That would make for an interesting new year.

Cats are not my only readers.  I am happy to see that my pathetic little blog has been viewed over one thousand times.  The bounce rate is higher than I would like.  I guess people pop on, read a paragraph and decide that the musings of this whiny opinionated bitch are not for them.  It hurts my feelings a little but I'm going to try to be happy for the readers I have for whatever intervals of time.

By a small margin, my readers these days come from direct traffic.  I was told that means they just happened onto my site.  I can infer from this that most of the viewers don't know me personally.  I like that.  I never read blogs of people I don't actually know in real life so I am unfamiliar with the practice.

This is amazing.  I know that one thousand views doesn't amount to much in the scheme of things.  I never intended any more than a couple of people that know me really well to read this and I am glad to know that some of you have read at least one word of anything I have to say.


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  • Jan 22 2011, 9:40 PM
    Dana responded:
    How exactly do you know your bounce rate? I've never even heard that term before!
  • Jan 28 2011, 6:03 PM
    Lee responded:
    I decided to set up google analytics so I could monitor action on this site. In addition to bounce rate, ga shows you where your site has been viewed, the average time on the site and the number of unique users. That data confirmed to me that 1000 unique users viewed my site. Ga is more reliable than posterous in assessing how many people have seen your site. Posterous counts all visits, most of which are by the same people and not different individuals.
    I wish the bounce rate was lower because I hate the ideal of people popping on my site and immediately getting off. Hurts the old ego.