25 Things

Bottom line:  I got this from my cousin's Facebook page and decided to jack it.  I don't have 25 Facebook friends that would actually want to read this or be a little unhappy if they read it so I am posting it here.  Hey, it beats being creative and having to come up with my own original topic.

1. Most people think I am gay in my hometown.

2. When I was twelve, I was measured 5'4" by my physician.  At twenty-one, I was measured at 5'2.5".  I often wonder what is behind that.

3. I've written a couple of plays and am too much of a chicken to try and publish them.

4. I have such an aversion to onions that I never cook with them and have to take special steps at restaurants so that they do not get in my food.

5. I know I shouldn't but I actually hate certain people who barely know I exist.

6. Adam Levine may be the hottest guy I've ever seen but he's so damn stupid I would have to gag him if we were to be around each other.  Second thought, I'd take Bob Balaban.  I find him very physically attractive and he's smart and funny to boot.

7. I anthropomorphize stuffed animals and plants and ascribe personalities to them.

8. I am terrified of clowns, bears, crowds and breaking off a piece of a tooth.

9. I can't stand the suspense of not knowing the ending of a book, movie or tv show and often read what happens online before finishing watching.

10. I used to put on a radio show about my dad on a handheld tape recorder.  Bart Simpson was his cohost.

11. I get really obsessed with movies and songs and play them over and over about a hundred times until I am burned out and never want to see/hear them again.  This also applies to restaurants.

12. I got kissed for the first time when I was ten years old.

13. I have always had a hard time relating to women.  Most of my female friends backstabbed me and I am wary to repeat that.  So I have mainly male friends.

14. I have three published cookbook authors in my close family.

15. Because of my own self esteem issues, I have treated people who were kind to me terribly.  I regret it.

16. My hair is actually very wiry and kinky but I straighten it.  Almost no one I know has seen my actual hair.

17. When I was about twelve, I decided to never tan again and went from being very tan to very very pale.  I make a lot of effort to remain pale.

18. I am a huge movie buff and own over 700 dvds.

19. The love of my life is my childhood pet.

20. I've never really been around children and look at them as foreign and not worth my time.

21. I spent the first half of my life trying to be liked and was a total nerd.  Now that I have learned not to care, I am way more popular. (still and forever will be a nerd, though)

22. I'm terribly shy and come off as stuck up or mean most of the time.

23. I'm the only person in my entire family with no Southern accent.  I don't know how that happened.

24. I started going gray when I was eleven or so and had a noticeable amount before I graduated high school.

25. I am disgusted by the crunchy sound of eating raw vegetables and not only cannot stand to eat them but to be around people eating them.



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