I'm drunk and I am going to ramble a bit...

I hate those fucking bastards!  Yes, you.  You men who have disappointed me time and again.

I used to love men and hate women.  While I viewed both sexes with cynicism, I always felt men were a bit more obvious and overt in their actions/behavior.  Men are like a good, old dog.  They are predictable and forgiving and no matter how amazingly smart they are, they are transparent.  Women are more finicky.  They watch and criticize and (big difference from men here) are NOT forgiving.  I can't tall you how many times I've been hanging out with women and said the wrong thing.  They get and uncomfortable pang on their face and immediately form an opinion.  Men think, "wow that was inappropriate" or whatever but usually let it slide.  I'm not quite sure why this is.  Maybe it is because they are horndogs with only one thing on the brain and are forgiving of weirdness as long as it isn't Fatal Attraction/stalker type shit.

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