J Gatsby says, "Hi" from hell...

i'm addressing the bitch in the flapper hat that keeps scowling at me for smoking at an outdoor patio at a bar.  i'm probably giving her too much credit...  she's more of a myrtle..

i want to say:

in the roaring 20s you try so hard to replicate with your knit hat with the flower and thick tights...  with your shabby outfit you think looks retro...  OR  maybe you don't.  maybe you are being anachronistic.  is that what you're doing?

I say "boo!" to you madam.  get with the spirit of the 20s and huff nicotine youself from a sterling silver holder.  Take a swig of that delectible bathtub gin...    if you think really hard...  I'm talking about giving your narrow minded pedestrian brain a break from the 2012 idea of socially acceptable...  second hand smoke one evening from one girl sitting far away from you won't literally kill you...  at least not for some time if you want to quibble...  there are new scientific studues everyday, some comprehendable to you and some not many people can understand...


you, madam, are who keeps me hating California and make me want to leave.

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