Boggles the mind...

There is this Kia car commercial with human sized hamsters rapping, dancing, playing drums and whatnot.  The hamsters not only drive but wear clothes.  I don't think I get it.  What do hamsters have to do with a car?  The commercial shows a hamster running on a wheel.  Maybe it is trying to compare that to the daily grind of commuting.  If you are going to commute, why choose something dull and choose a sporty new Kia.  There's also two hamsters driving down the street in a toaster.  A toaster?  What does that have to do with anything?  If my toaster worked as a vehicle, I'd use it in a heartbeat.

The car they are selling is the Kia Soul.  What the heck do hamsters have to do with an SUV?  I get that the rapping implies that they have soul.  That's a pretty obvious association.  I have never met a soulful hamster.  For that matter I have never met a hamster that could drive a car or a hamster that was my size.

There is also the matter of how the hamsters are dressed.  Most are in shirts only but some are unclothed and the female ones are wearing skirts and no tops.  There are also fully clothed hamsters.  In this imaginary hamster world what is the protocol for attire?   Is clothing basically unnecessary and they are just dressing as a fashion statement?  Most of them are bottomless so I can assume that their genitals are not exposed.  That brings about the issue of the girl hamsters only wearing skirts.  Why are they covering up what so many others leave bare?  And why are some not clothed at all?  Why are some wearing a shirt, pants and a hat?

In real life, we don't necessarily have to wear clothes but it is not societally acceptable to do so.  We keep all our privates covered almost all times in daily life.  I just find it funny that the male hamsters wear shirts and no pants while human males can go shirtless but have to wear pants.

I think too much about these things that don't really matter.  It would be easy to overlook if the commercial wasn't constantly on television.  It doesn't make me want to buy a car.  It doesn't even make me think of a car.


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  • Dec 1 2010, 6:07 AM
    Jeff Hammel responded:
    Its all just designed to appeal to the gut level. Hamsters are cute and a little chubby. Therefore, the car is cute and good for families and real people. In the sexless hamster world, clothes (and gender) are affectations. The toaster? I dunno, you got me there