The kinship...

So I have this thing.  Maybe it makes me a bad person.  Maybe not.  (although I know people who do similar things)  I enter a room and I scan it to find people similar to myself.  For instance, I am Jewish.  I examine the room for other Jews.  The same goes for many of my personality traits.  A key thing I look for is ugly girls.  I have long considered myself an ugly girl and am often looking for more of my kind.  I am not talking about simply heavy girls.  I have known a lot of heavy girls and most have not been ugly at all, just added to the ugly girl subgroup based on their weight.  You cannot have an adorable face but be fat and be an ugly girl.  Sorry.  That qualifies you to be at least average if not attractive.  Ugly girls have less than attractive features and more than one.  For instance, you can't just be heavy.  You have to be heavy and have a horrible face OR You can be thin as a rail and have a horrible face.  When I say horrible face, I mean unattractive features, awful hair, bad skin and so on.

I look for other ugly girls in life and I watch them carefully.  See, they are part of the ugly girl alliance.  They might not even know they are but they are.  Being an ugly girl as long as I can remember, I know the ugly girl credo.  We play to our strengths and not our weaknesses.  We learn to be funny and it doesn't matter how we are funny.  We can be witty or obvious or slapstick or off the wall.  It also helps being intelligent.  However, the ugly girl has to monitor how intelligent she seems.  She cannot be several steps ahead of the man.  This confuses him and makes him quickly lose interest.  She needs to be versed in the conversation so that she can anticipate everything before it happens and be ready for it as well as any possible curve balls.  A girl who can hold her own, even an ugly one, is revered by men and can go far.  I've done this for years to much success.

The fatal flaw in females to me is the ugly girl in denial.  The ugly girl in denial doesn't outwardly consider herself as ugly.  She may have buried that truth so deep within her psyche that she doesn't even know she is ugly.  In fact, many an ugly girl has an inflated ego.  They act completely arrogant like they are the best thing that ever graced the earth.  I knew a woman named Mary.  She was nearly hideously ugly, with pockmarked skin, frizzy hair and huge downward slanted eyes that gave her face the impression that it was melting.  She was brilliant in many ways: conversationally and artistically.  Boy, did she know it.  She traipsed around like she was a gift from God.  This wasn't just because she was bright but because she thought she was the authority on almost all things.  I never liked her and made it my mission to hurt her and eventually through degradation I got her to cry by my referring to her as "big".  She really broke down and it made me realize that she knew she was an ugly girl just like I did.  She was just deluding herself by making herself more desirable.

The key to success is not only being supremely intelligent like Mary but funny and approachable as well.  I reiterate, a sense of humor will take you far whether you are a man or a woman.  Jokes really do put the other person at ease and this makes them lose track of time.  When a man loses track of time, he is essentially yours for the time being.

A cardinal mistake of the ugly girl is sleeping with a man too soon.  Ugly girls should engage men with their minds.  Get a guy interested in the way you think and you've really got a hold on him.  It's really a cheap trick to lay out the snatch off the bat.  It's too easy.  A man will take easy pussy from an ugly woman and most likely not think about calling them again.  The ugly girl who does that is really hedging her bets, hoping the man having no other options will be forced to come back for more.  Girls, don't demean yourself by putting yourself in this position.  It will lead to nothing.

Yes, life sucks.  There are women that are just born pretty.  All they have to do is stand there and watch the men scramble around fighting each other for the chance just to talk to them.  They don't have to be clever or charming because the men just want to be associated with someone so pretty.  That is a sad reality for the not pretty girls to face.  Most of the time we don't have that luxury.  We have to learn tricks to allure the men competing for those pretty girls away.  We have to be memorable.  We have to stand out enough so that at the end of the night when the guy comes home he thinks of you and only briefly thinks that you weren't pretty and mostly thinks how you could hold his interest.  He thinks that he hasn't enjoyed talking to anyone at much as you in a long time. This is dangerous territory and you may get put into the "friend zone" but that is not as common as one might think.

Ugly girls should acknowledge each other instead of competing with each other.  We see the physical ugliness in each other and feel the need to scrutinize it to make ourselves feel better,  We are not each others' competition and we are all against the pretty girls who can just sit there, do nothing and get the guy.  We should be sympathetic to each other's plight.

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