Thoughts on grief...

So semi-recently, I saw the movie Rabbit Hole.  It's such a me movie to see really.  I really have a fondness for dramas, especially for ones that deal with dysfunctional relationships and grief.  Many of these dramas just gloss over things or reduce people to cultural stereotypes.

My favorite play/movie is Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  It's an amazing read/watch for anyone that likes characters with more dimension than you'll encounter in real life, witty dialogue and profundity. (I'll get more into that later because I have LOTS to say about it.)  A movie came out not too long ago called We Don't Live Here Anymore.  I read reviews before seeing it, calling it the next Who's Afraid.. Eagerly, I saw it as soon as possible and was disappointed by the two-dimensional characters and 

Country Strong

Rabbit Hole

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