Summer school...

To meet the critical thinking requirement to gat into any CSU, I took Advance Composition and Critical Thinking this summer.  I was not looking forward to it because A) it is normally 16 week course condensed into 6 weeks B) all the teachers are supposed to be hard, and C) I was worried the reading material would bore me.  See, I am used to lit classes or writing essays about personal or science-based research kind of stuff.  I don't make a practice of reading dense philosophical pieces or political treatises.

The first day of class, we were given a syllabus and schedule.  We had many reading assignments which we had to analyze in pass/fail reviews.  Before I could let out a disdainful groan about the sheer volume of work, I noticed the intriguing titles of some of the essays assigned.  Based on the title, my brain filled in the gaps of what these essays could be about.  (Well, most assurredly not actually about but what I was wishfully thinking they would be...)

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