Status update..

So I have not written a post in a while much to my friends' chagrin.  There is no good reason.  I have the fall semester off and have been spending most of my days watching television in lieu of doing anything that can actually be considered productive.  While many would say that blogging is mindless monkey work and not productivity, I'll argue.  Writing unless you are transcribing requires some kind of organization of thoughts.  Whereas, while I am watching television my thoughts float in the ether of a bubble akin to something you might see in Beetle Bailey.

I think I found a new dating show.  See, dating shows are my weakness.  I love all of them: The Bachelor, Blind Date, The Dating Game, Love Connection, Rock of love, Flavor of Love, Real Chance of Love, I Love New York, Rondez-View and of course Elimidate.  You could hardly turn on the television six years ago without seeing one of these shows (there were many, many more I can't remember the names of).  Probably for the better almost all of these shows were cancelled.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette is still going strong but what if I want something a little more tawdry?  What if I am tired of seeing people in soft focus?  That has it's place but I want to see a show that knows what it is.  I want to see bimbos falling off the stripper pole drunk and men acting like gorillas bumping their chests against each other.  

I found Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer on GSN.  I like the concept of it.  The single guy or gal has the choice of three suitors who literally have luggage containing a board with their bad qualities/secrets/flaws written on it.  The guy/gal chooses the suitor whose "baggage" they deem the most acceptable.  It's an entertaining show except that the audience "OOOOHHHHSSS" and "AAAAHHHHSSS"  at anything they say.  Worse, Jerry Springer tells these jokes so terrible that the lame comedians at the Catskills would grab a cane and yank him offstage.

Oh the new show..  It is called Excused.  There are two people of the same sex in a house with this obnoxious "comedianne" who guides them into whittling down a group of girls or guys into one.  The one turns the tables and gets to choose from the people he/she has been competing for all day long.  That's when it gets fun because the final person is on a power trip and makes the two original contestants jump, dance or do tricks.  It is funny seeing what people are capable of.  It's why I like dating shows.  Because I don't date and I want validation that that is a good thing.

So besides catching up on my netflix and bad television, I have been getting closer to Charlie (the puppy).  I've been making videos of him and putting them on youtube.  (under negativelee if you are curious)  They are mostly inane and go on too long but since he's my dog it amuses me.  He's grown so much weighing in at over 20lbs.  When I first got him, he was a coninuous source of disappointment to me but now I find myself actually missing him when he is not around which is always a telltale sign I am getting attached.

I feel bad for him because he has been wearing the "cone of shame" for the better half of the month.  First, it was because he got neutered but I kept it on him because he had hot spots.  Hot spots are disgusting little areas that you animal will chew raw if left to their own devices.  As I understand it, it is a Staph.  He healed and then another one showed up a couple of days ago so the cone is back on.  He is being downright morose and he is a very happy puppy.  First, I laughed and called him "emo" but now he is really starting to look like those miserable dogs on the Sarah MacLachlan commercial.  He'll peer out from under the sofa and I hear "You're in the arms of the angels may you find some comfort here."

The month of September is creeping by at a snail's pace.  I can't believe there's nearly another week of it.

Well, I'll end this pointless post by saying I will make the effort to write more.  I'll just write observations or things only I may find funny at first and save the manifestos for when my creative juices start flowing again.  Who knows...  Maybe I'll be motivated enough to write that Emo Philips screenplay.




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