I said it once before but it bears repeating...

Ugg boots are one of the most hideous articles of clothing period.  

 I am not talking about how warm or comfortable they are.  I've never tried one on but I have heard them described as your foot "cradled in warm, fluffy clouds."  I can see that.  The inside looks nice and fleecey and leather is durable.  I am not denying their practicality.  

Like so many others (not enough as I still see girls sporting these ridiculous things), I object to them being considered fashionable.  They aren't.  You can color them any way you like and make some with sweater material but they still are stumpy, shapeless shoes.  When I was into drawing dinky little cartoons in 2nd grade, I had such a hard time drawing feet that I drew generic boots shaped just like Uggs.  That's what they look like to me: an elementary drawing of a seven year old.  Usually, I appreciate simple design but this is beyond minimalist.  Not one person looks good in Uggs.  It is more an issue of who's rocking them the best- the best being looking only somewhat ridiculous.

I am also not a fan of sporting Crocs color coded to one's outfit as a fashion statement.  Their function is being a good gardening clog.  I despise Birkenstocks.  And I don't care if Lacoste makes them, flip flops are not acceptable fashion footwear unless you are at the beach or using them as shower shoes in a dorm room.  At least flip flops show off the qualities of a foot.  I despise the look of feet but I'm a minority but I can imagine a girl with pretty feet could pull off flip flops.  Uggs do nothing if you are trying to look trendy or sexy.

However, Uggs were the trend that would not and still has not died.  The more people publicly declared how ugly they are has not lessened their popularity at all.  Fine.  I'll deal.  After all, it is better than staring at peoples jacked up feet.  All I ask is that people wear them when appropriate.  

If you are at a ski chalet or anywhere snowy: Appropriately fashionable.

And if you are in a generally warm sunny place that occassionally has some chilly weather: The tops of the boots tucked underneath a bootcut jean is not offensive.

(FYI It took nearly 30 minutes to find a picture of anyone with Uggs tucked under jeans.)

If the weather is nice and you have really hot legs you want to show off: Don't wear Uggs for chrissakes!  Any other kind of boot would look better.  Here is a hot girl with nice legs and even she can't pull it off.

If the weather is downright hot and you are sporting a "summer dress" or short shorts or a minskirt or even a bathing suit: Ridiculous.  You look awful and this is coming from someone who always wears hoodies.

If you are in the desert: Seriously they are marketing this?

If you are a man: No.  Don't do it.  If you happen to be in a snowy cabin in the woods or Squaw Valley, it doesn't matter.  You should be wearing something with tread and laces and just more manly.  If Bruce Willis looks like an assclown, what chance does the everyman have?

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  • Jan 29 2012, 10:42 AM
    Dana responded:
    HAHAHHAA! so true. utterly stupid with warm clothing and I wished more peopled tucked them under the pants.