I'm writing to say why I'm not writing..

So CT once had this boyfriend who called her often and saw her as frequently as he could given she was over 200 miles away.  He dropped out of contact for a whole month.  CT was distraught so I decided to intervene.  I called him to ask what was going on and he replied that he had been really busy.  I told him he should have at least called to say why he couldn't call.  He found my idea confounding but I think it makes perfect sense.  If you know you're going to be busy, just tell someone who relies on hearing from you every so often that you can't talk and give a ballpark date when you will be able to touch base again.  I think it's the polite thing to do but what do I know?

So I got the writing bug a couple of weeks back.  It's been taking up a lot of my time.  When I have free time, I'm busy brainstorming about my new screenplay.  I still don't know what direction to go in.


Sorry, but I'm writing to say I won't be writing for a while.  I'd feel bad if anyone read this thing.

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