Best of: Key and Peele


People often ask me what I find funny.  Even more often, I bombard people with videos that I think are hilarious.  They are usually happy to watch two but when I've gone through ten of them they start to get sick of it.  

So I'm going to compile a list of funny stuff in my "Best of" series.  Mind you this is just my opinion and you might find other examples to be funnier or not find these clips funny at all.

All that being said, here is the Best of Key and Peele!

My dad turned me on to Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's show on Comedy Central.  The show is hyped as the new Chappelle Show so I went into it expecting that brand of humor.  Besides comedy confronting racism in terms of stereotypes and attitudes, Key and Peele is not similar to Chappelle at all.  Their humor is eccentric to say the least.  Some of their skits make absolutely no sense. If you can accept that, they are funny as hell in their oddball way.  Their skits are hit or miss but when they hit, I become obsessed with them.  

The real strength of Key and Peele is that they are both terrific actors.  I'm not talking about good for comedians.  Their facial expressions are amazing.  Key can do many different voices which makes for him playing an interesting array of characters.  Peele has a way of expressing all emotions solely with his eyes, something many successful actors cannot do.  Both can be a great straight man to the point where he is just as funny as the other one that gets to be wacky and has all the funny lines.  Many of their skits would fall flat if not for their acting.

So here are my favorite sketches in no particular order.

Flicker is such a case for acting making it funny.  It is also a great example of how they like to take their comedy to the most extreme point.

Wrestling: I always wished this would happen in a fight promo... 

Best Friend is probably my favorite of their sketches.  I like uncomfortable humor when it is done right.  Plus, the song is great.

Gideon's Kitchen is a great parody of every reality cooking show because there are always insults wrapped in compliments and fake-outs.

Doctor: In theory, I would tell you that you couldn't make a sketch out of this joke but they pulled it off.

McFerrin vs. Winslow is hilarious provided you actually know who Bobby McFerrin and Michael Winslow are.  

Das Negros is probably the best example of the warped way their minds take absurdity and turn it into comic gold.

Bitch plays on the stereotype of men being afraid of their wives and takes it to outer space.

Anger Translator: I'm throwing this one in because it's most people's favorite.  I think it is because it is more in the vein of Chappelle.  Jordan Peele does a great Obama even if they look nothing alike.


Key and Peele is coming back for its second season and I can't wait to see if they can continue to keep their comedy that perfect mix of weird, unexpected and funny.

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